Critical Care Services in Bilaspur

Dr. Manoj Rai, MD (Medicine)
Dr Vijay Kumar Shrivas DNB (Medicine)
Dr Sandhya Chandel MD (Medicine)

Critical Care Unit at Apollo Bilaspur , has been successfully providing
extensive critical care services for more than 2,000 patients every year who
suffer from life-threatening medical conditions such as acute respiratory distress
syndrome, severe pneumonia, stroke, acute renal failure, and shock. Our team
comprises of intensive care specialists who specialize in emergency life-saving
and management of severe complications which arise from different diseases. At
Apollo Hospital Bilaspur , we have physicians from different field of expertise
working in the Intensive Care Unit round the clock to provide utmost care to the

The Intensive Care Unit in Bilaspur has a wide range of sophisticated medical
equipment for the management of critical situations. Apart from that, we have a
group of well-trained nurses who are committed to provide top quality bedside
care to our patients. The critical care unit is strongly supported by
comprehensive team of  pharmacists, dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists
and volunteers.

Our researchers have conducted thorough research on acute exacerbation of
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for the past decade and have participated
in various clinical studies for the improvement of its management.
Our aim is to:
Provide top notch quality patient care with compassion and dedication.
Transcend the state of critical care unit through academic research  to
prove what critical care unit is capable of achieving at its peak.
Educate residents and other medical personnel with regard to the
knowledge and practical skills of critical care medicine in order to propel
the unit as a whole.
We achieve this goal through our commitment of ensuring the well-being
of the patient, regardless of illness severity, whose problems motivate us
to promote betterment and whose experiences serve as our learning
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